A Stocking Hung by the Chimney With Care: My Shameless Plea to Help a Fellow Writer in Need This Christmas

As Arts people and writers, we are all too often familiar with the cruel timing of Fate and the misfortune of being caught in hard times when Bad Things happen to those we love and depend on.

A good friend and fellow Horror writer – a marvelous young lady who I believe is an up-and-coming Young Adult writer – has fallen into an emotional abyss at just this moment, this Happiest time of the year…

Right when she probably reconciled herself to a quiet and modest Holiday at home, her best friend and Emotional Care Animal (a sweet-natured cat she has relied on in times when her own unpredictable and overwhelming illness has drained her health and capacity) has taken a turn and is seriously ill and in need of emergency veterinary care.

This, then, is a shameless plea for any assistance – her plea now amplified by me – for it takes a lot to ask for help when we need it most.

Harli 1

She says on her GoFundMe page:

“My cat Geni has been with me for 11 years. Through sickness and health. She is my Emotional Care Animal and my best friend and one of the few that has loved me unconditionally for as long as she’s been alive. Now she’s been in pain. She’s been hiding in the closet and won’t come out. She barely looks at me and she’s been peeing dark blood and having blood encrust her mouth and nose. I do not have the money nor the transportation to do a vet or humane society check up or to even put her down. So I’m asking for help. She deserves better than to die in pain in my closet. So please if we hit the goal whatever excess there is will be donated to the humane society”

So I send forth this simple request on her behalf, for this night before Christmas…

If you have a little left over from your holiday quest, if you have ever watched your best friend suffer because of your own inability to provide, please consider tucking a little something into a Christmas stocking by going to her campaign page…




I vouch for her character, for her honesty, and for her need…And please don’t think you are too late: animals fight to live, and can hang on painfully longer than they should, often out of their own love and concern for us, who they spend years faithfully taking care of. And chances are there will be a vet bill needing payment now, or after…

Thank you – any of you – who choose to and are able to help… Because this really is about

Euthanasia for a cat named Genevieve…


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