I am an older Horror writer and former Army brat living and working in Colorado who has been writing her own Horror long before anyone wanted to read it. After some 30 years of people-pleasing in other fields of labor, I returned to college to complete my BA in English/ Professional and Technical Writing Emphasis from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. The result has been a growing preference for fiction writing over technical, and working as a retail bookseller in exchange for money. So When I’m not living the Horror of retail customer service, I am writing it – Horror, that is – whether about it on this blog, or deep in the trenches alongside three cats and my favorite husband.

I have had work published, including a short short in Dark Moon Digest No. 10 titled “Florida at Night” and a nonfiction piece in online magazine Talking Writing (November 2, 2012) titled “Why Horror Movies Disappoint Readers,” written and co-hosted a PBS documentary on Medieval Costuming for Fanta-C Threads, written Horror book reviews for Howlin’ Wolf Records online, and hosted a blog on Open Salon (which this blog continues) titled “The Horror at Open Salon” from 2012 to 2015, when Open Salon folded.

I write Horror. Therefore I am.

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  1. And digging is very much a part of the process…. If you ever dabble in our genre, you would be most welcome to consider joining our APA at Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers…right here on WordPress (grmhwpa.wordpress.com)… we are international as well as national, though still a small group having just formed last fall…


      1. I’m a fellow horror writer living in Littleton, Colorado and was on the original 2021 StokerCon committee. Been interesting times. I’ve enjoyed your journalism and have been looking for a contact form, if that’s possible.

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